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Perception WELLNESS

Perception has a powerful impact on your entire life, including overall health and wellness. Perception shapes the way you think and creates your outlook on life. An expansive, positive outlook will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. A limited, narrow outlook creates more stress and can impact your health and wellness in a negative way.

What you see in any situation or circumstance is quite often determined by things beyond your control: your circumstance, the influence of others, or the patterns you inherited from parents and grandparents. All these factors shape your ability to perceive the world.

But everyone has blindspots, things we just don’t see because we lack necessary information. That’s why people can share one experience and come away with multiple reports the glass as ” half full” while others report the same glass as “half empty.”

Regardless of how your perceptions are formed, they create your perceived reality and will drive the decisions you make on both a conscious and a subconscious level.

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The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Clinical experience has shown that most perceptions tend to remain static for significant periods of time. Because perception creates functional reality, this means you will repeat behaviors both good and bad, creating the same reality over and over. To the extent your perception is whole and expansive you gain greater choice control over your reality. To the extent your perception is lacking you will create dysfunction by holding on to opinions, attitudes or ways of dealing with life that limit your ability to choose your outcomes. This can be a major barrier in every area of your life, including personal relationships, the achievement of goals, and even healing or recovery from illness and injury.

Perceptions and Emotions

Perception is closely tied to emotions. Often you can sense the emotion of others just by listening to them speak, regardless of their words. In fact, the audible tones in spoken voice are packed with subtle energetic qualities that can be measured and tracked. These qualities change to match the topic because they are a reflection of the speaker’s perception of the topic.

What if there was a process or a tool that would help you measure these tones, a tool that would provide you the information you need to expand your perceptions? You would then have the infinite choice of perceptions for your behaviors. You would be able to tap into the infinite resources to create optimal results in your career, personal relationships and in your health and fitness.

Perception Reframing PDF

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The Owner’s Compass provides a scope for your guiding principles which points to a specific direction for your path in life. Eric J. Miller CBPRC, will be your guide in helping you to calibrate your compass to find your True North in your business and personal life success.

Take a ride with Ricky and Josh. These two entrepreneurs are both men of grit and resilience. They had similar backgrounds growing up. They’re both avid cyclists and fantastic athletes. Each of the men were starting to see the effects of living a high intensity lifestyle that was causing health issues both on and off of the bike.

One of them decided to unravel his past perceptions which helped him to discover what the unproductive behaviors were that sabotaged his performance. Which entrepreneur was it that reframed his limiting perceptions of the past in order to become a top performer? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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