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Optimized Relationships

On-Course Entrepreneurial Leaders (OCEL) have reframed perceptions of past events and see themselves and the space that they occupy, with a calibrated compass. Imagine what it will be like to be in a world where all of your relationships are cohesive. A place where it is difficult to be offended by anyone. People that you choose to have in your life are happy. They seem to always be willing to help you in some way.

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There are no resentments towards anyone or anything because you are not inclined to take anything personally. Sound like fantasy island? My clients and I live in a world like that and you can too. Did we get rid of all the relationships that gave us grief? No! The difference for my clients and myself occurred when we reframed our perceptions. Today, the same situations that happened in the past, we perceive in a whole new way, and we make much different behavioral choices.

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On-Course Entrepreneurial Leader (OCEL)

The Owner’s Compass provides a scope for your guiding principles which points to a specific direction for your path in life. Eric J. Miller CBPRC, will be your guide in helping you to calibrate your compass to find your True North in your business and personal life success.

Take a ride with Ricky and Josh. These two entrepreneurs are both men of grit and resilience. They had similar backgrounds growing up. They’re both avid cyclists and fantastic athletes. Each of the men were starting to see the effects of living a high intensity lifestyle that was causing health issues both on and off of the bike.

One of them decided to unravel his past perceptions which helped him to discover what the unproductive behaviors were that sabotaged his performance. Which entrepreneur was it that reframed his limiting perceptions of the past in order to become a top performer? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Reframing Perceptions

Many people have deep-rooted emotional roadblocks keeping them stuck in a pattern of emotional disharmony. Unresolved emotional roadblocks often times contribute to physical symptoms and cause people to repeat unproductive behaviors. One of the fastest ways to blast through these roadblocks is Perception Reframing; changing the way we see events, circumstances, other people, and ourselves.

It was after Eric J. Miller getting certified in bio-communications perception reframing, that he saw breakthroughs in his clients relationships. When you have unbiased perceptions that are based on fact, you can then calibrate your compass that will guide the way in achieving better relationships and a restoration to wholeness.

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Perception Reframing PDF
Business Growth Strategist

Strategic Business Growth Road Map

On-Course Entrepreneurial Leaders (OCEL)  are visionaries that have reframed the perceptions of people and events in their life that were minor setbacks of the past. They have an internal compass that is calibrated because they know who they are and what values and spirituality means to them. These enterprising individuals have a clear picture of what behaviors are appropriate for all situations, personally and in their business lives.

What’s next? A strategic business road map to get you to your bigger vision. Are you looking to grow, improve, and/or ensure maximum efficiency in your business? Owner’s Ally is the solution to create it.

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Some words from our clients

“I had no idea that I could achieve this level of success in life. My business and personal life have never been better.”

Shane H.

“I used to have a difficult time believing that I deserved to be loved. I was attracting the wrong types of men into my life. When I reframed my perceptions, everything changed. I found the man of my dreams, and we got married.”

Katie P.

“I’m an amateur cyclist. I’ve been competing for 11 years and getting less that great results.  After only 3 sessions Eric helped me to reframe my perceptions and the limiters that were holding me back. I won my first bike race ever as a result.”

Peter G.

“Eric said that sometimes there’s DNA that we inherit from our ancestors that can create a mindset that limits us. I’m seeing new opportunities for my business. My golf game improved. And my relationship with my wife is better that it was when we first met.”

Travis S.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life. I achieved a certain amount of success then hit a barrier. I reframed the perception of the past, started looking at life differently. Now, I trust the talent that I hire with get the job done. And it doesn’t have to be done the way any longer.  I’m now successful in all areas of my life.”

Melissa J.
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