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Do you love the freedom of being limitless in your possibilities of creating a legacy? Are you cut from the cloth of grit, fire, and resilience? Are you a person who will do what-ever it takes to get what you want, once you decide to go after it? Have you been referred to as a natural born entrepreneur? The stressors of life can easily get you off course that affect overall health and wellness. Perception has a powerful impact on our entire life. If you can change your perceptions, you can change your life. Want to learn how? Let’s schedule a free consultation and see if we’re a match.

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Is Your Life Chaotic?

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Help With Living A Balanced Life

Getting life in balance is challenging in itself. Keeping it balanced requires re-calibrating your compass on a frequent basis. Perhaps you are successful in your career and make the money that reflects those efforts. What about the other areas of your life, would you consider yourself successful there as well? I have a freebie for you. Take my life balance assessment and see how you’re doing. You might be surprised at what you find out.

Reframing Perceptions

Most perceptions tend to remain static for significant periods of time. Because perception creates functional reality, behaviors are repeated both good and bad, creating the same reality over and over. Having an expansive, positive outlook will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. What you see in any situation or circumstance is quite often determined by things beyond your control, the influence of others, or the patterns you inherited from parents and grandparents. All these factors shape your ability to perceive the world.

What if I had a magic wand that could grant you three wishes, what would they be? Part of my proven system that enables my clients to have optimal human performance, is with the aid of bio-communications technology. Sound too good to be true? Are you an action taker and an implementer? If you’re the person that I think that you are, we should chat. At the top right of the page is a button to schedule a free consultation.

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Perception Reframing PDF business development consulting
Business Growth Strategist

Strategic Business Growth Road Map

On-Course Entrepreneurial leaders (OCEL) are visionaries that have reframed the perceptions of people and events in their life that were minor setbacks of the past. They have an internal compass that is calibrated because they know who they are and what values and spirituality means to them. These enterprising individuals have a clear picture of what behaviors are appropriate for all situations, personally and in their business lives.

What’s next? A strategic business road map to get you to your bigger vision. Are you looking to grow, improve, and/or ensure maximum efficiency in your business? Owner’s Ally is the solution to create it.

Schedule Consultation Strategic business planning toolsHaving a well calibrated compass will guide you to where you want to go in life with precision. Are you looking to improve relationships, overcome addictions, improve your athletic performance or achieve your goals? Eric Miller CBPRC uses the latest in bio-communications technology, to help you to clear emotional blockages that may be holding you back. When we change our perceptions we change our life.

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change your perceptions, change your life, ericmillerconsults.comClinical trials and experience have shown that most perceptions are static. This becomes especially undesirable when perceptions are dysfunctional in any way. In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes regardless of a conscious desire for a healthier relationship. Change your perceptions and change your life.

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high performance cyclist-ericmillerconsults.comHigh performance athletes are well disciplined in doing the proper training and getting the right nutrition. Despite those efforts many fall short in winning. They fail to view themselves and the world with optimal perceptions. Clinical trials and experience have shown that most perceptions are static. This becomes especially undesirable when perceptions are dysfunctional in any way. For example, a cyclist may always approach competition the same way and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level they may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level they are still bound by the perceptions that they carry about competitive cycling, or about the ability to master it. In other words, their cycling remains static. Change the perceptions of the past and change into a winning athlete.

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Some words from our clients

“I was having a financial problem that was preventing me from retiring on my planned date. After only a few sessions, Eric was able to help me uncover the roadblocks that were preventing me from perceiving the situation correctly, so I could solve the financial problems. I am staying on track and will fully retire on the planned date. Problem Solved!”

Randy - Tucson, AZ, Psychotherapist

“I grew up in a family business that I ended up working in after college. I felt forced into taking over the company after my uncle retired. I was very unhappy doing something that I had always wanted to run from. Eric helped me uncover the reasons why my perceptions were limiting me from pursuing my passion. I had no idea that I could achieve this level of success in life. I sold the family business and am doing what I’ve always wanted to do. There was an added benefit that I didn’t expect. My family life has never been better, and we are expecting our first child.”

Shane - Phoenix,AZ, Web Developer

” I have been a practice manager/vice president, for an optometrist for 16 years. With the growth of the company I was hiring more people than ever before. At the same time we were experiencing higher than normal turnover. After going through Eric’s program I had some dramatic results that not only affected by career but also my personal life. Eric helped me uncover the limiting-self sabotaging behaviors that were a result of biased perceptions of the past. Today, as a result of my new perceptions about my staff, our turnover is less than ever before, and I seem to be hiring a better caliber of people. On the home front, my relationship with my boyfriend is better than ever. I finally feel like I deserve to be loved. We are now planning on getting married.”

Katie - Minneapolis, MN, Vice President

” I have been racing road bicycles for 8 years getting Ok results. Before working with Eric I had been training harder and watching my diet more closely, but getting even worse results. I was referred to Eric by a friend that he had helped to find his true passion in life and not work his uncle’s business. After completing Eric’s program- The Owner’s Compass, I won 2 races and have become a consistent podium finisher. I have new perceptions that have enabled me to create new behaviors and the mindset of a champion. This has positively effected all areas of my life. You owe it to yourself to invest in Eric’s program.”

Peter - San Diego, CA, Winning Athlete/Entrepreneur

“I have always loved my job of being a high school math teacher and the role of being a student throughout my career.  Even though I have 3 masters degrees I still didn’t feel like I had enough education. I’ve been married and divorced twice, both of those relationships ended badly. In the last few years I’ve noticed that I have a harder time maintaining friendships. After working with Eric I uncovered where my perceptions around men came from, and how demanding I was in all of my relationships. It was about half way through his program that I realized that I had deep rooted abandonment issues as a result of my childhood. Eric’s system help me to reframe the past limiting perceptions and I now have new ones that have changed how I see the world and myself. I feel liberated in the realization that I determine my own happiness, and don’t demand other to make me happy. I recently started dating a wonderful man and the old patterns of my behaviors appear to be gone. I feel so blessed to have found my way in finding peace and happiness.”

Melissa - Tucson, AZ, High School Teacher

” I have never liked working for someone else, but have found myself in the role of an employee for most of my career. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back was with my last boss. This person had less experience than me, was younger than me, and didn’t work as hard as me, but got all of the credit for my hard work. Eric came along at the right time. Through his process I was able to change my mindset with new perceptions that I formed about myself and those around me. Today, I have a new career with my very own insurance agency and love life. I can’t imagine having to work for another putz everr again.”

Michael - Denver, CO, Insurance Agent/Entrepreneur

” I have been a corporate attorney for 22 years, and have had my own firm for 11 years. The landscape of my profession has changed dramatically in the last decade. Before I started working with Eric I was not clear as to the direction that I wanted to take my practice. With the increase of two new associates and a new partner I was having problems getting along with them. I just couldn’t relate to these people and the generational differences between us. It was after completing the program with Eric that my perceptions changed about how I interact with different generations and how to manage them. We still have our differences, in fact I welcome varying opinions, but the way that we interact is so different today. I am always careful about who I recommend perhaps it’s the lawyer that is in me, but I would highly recommend Eric Miller.”

Travis - Dallas, TX, Lawyer

“I have been involved in the sales profession for most of my adult life. I became a sales manager for the first time on my thirtieth birthday. I have lived in Wichita for ten years. In that time I’ve been a sales manager for seven different companies. I seem to pick larger companies to work for which brings a larger number of people to answer to. Since I was a little girl I’ve had a hard time with saying “no.” I tried my best to make all the bosses happy and to my detriment.  I walked out of the last job before working with Eric, because I felt like I was being taken advantage of. Since completing his program I now have a better position with a mid sized company and make more money than I’ve ever made before. My perceptions have changed a lot and I now have clear boundaries that guide my life.”

Colleen - Wichita, KS, Sales Manager

” I have had some kind of business since I was 12 years old. I am an entrepreneur in every sense. My problem used to be that I would only use my gut and not get all the facts before making important decisions. I would strike out more times than hit the ball. After working with Eric my perceptions changed and I now use critical thinking along with my natural intuition to make better decisions. What a huge difference this has made in my success.”

James - Las Vegas, NV, Serial Entrepreneur

” I attended a fundraiser that would later change my life. I was  31 years old and frustrated about my weight when I met Eric that fateful night. I was going to the gym 5 days a week. I had tried a plethora of diet programs and was still 40 pounds over weight. I am the CFO of a large company in Portland. I have my share of stress, but I didn’t realize that I was literally carrying it around on my body. It took about 3 1/2 months to get the weight off, but I did it. I know it was Eric and his program – The Owner’s Compass that did it. Everything else in my life remained the same during that time period. Besides the weight loss I found that I was better able manage stress.”

Steve - Portland, OR, Lost 40 pounds/ Chief Financial Officer

“I was 28 years old project manager for an IT company and I really hated my boss. I didn’t like the way that he managed me, and what really put me on edge was the tone of his voice. It sounded like nails on a chalk board and I was about ready to quit when I was referred to Eric Miller. It was almost like magic, but in a matter of weeks his tone no longer bothered me. My perceptions of him changed and I now love my job. My boss is a great coach and is helping me advance in my career.”

Sara - Madison, WI, Project Manager
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On-Course Entrepreneurial Leader (OCEL)

The Owner’s Compass provides a scope for your guiding principles which points to a specific direction for your path in life. Eric J. Miller CBPRC, will be your guide in helping you to calibrate your compass to find your True North in your business and personal life success.

Take a ride with Ricky and Josh. These two entrepreneurs are both men of grit and resilience. They had similar backgrounds growing up. They’re both avid cyclists and fantastic athletes. Each of the men were starting to see the effects of living a high intensity lifestyle that was causing health issues both on and off of the bike.

One of them decided to unravel his past perceptions which helped him to discover what the unproductive behaviors were that sabotaged his performance. Which entrepreneur was it that reframed his limiting perceptions of the past in order to become a top performer? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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